It’s all about creative themes in 2016! Whether its a corporate event, birthday party or a wedding – think retro, classical or find your inspiration in your favourite movie. Having a theme can add a touch of spark to the occasion making your event more memorable for all.

At MPB we love working with themes, so when we were asked to plan another themed wedding we couldn’t wait to get creative! As the first step of our creative process we reviewed themes fitting to the season: Midsummer Night’s Dream, 1001 Arabian Nights, Old Hollywood, Grease (50’s Retro) etc – in the end we all fell in love with the idea of Alice in Wonderland! Given ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ is also coming out this year we are already seeing it’s appearance throughout event design in the US and gradually gracing the European fashion trends.

Once we decided on the theme we agreed to arrange a bespoke ‘Save the Date’ photo shoot to set the mood. Our concept was to create a set that looked as though a tea party had just fallen from the sky – right into the middle of the forest! Alice and the Mad Hatter just happened to be there to enjoy it all.

During the design process it was important for us that whilst we were encouraged to think outside the box we also pay attention on keeping a harmonious balance between the theme and the purpose of the occasion. Our mood-motto became: ‘Elegant, natural with a touch of bonkers!’

A melting pot of vibrant colours and dark hues featured as the main characteristics of our design concept. For the location of the shoot we scouted mysterious gardens with rustic old doors, glasshouses and concrete shrines – not an easy task to find a luscious green garden in the middle of February but luckily Budapest is filled with secret places and forgotten gardens only the locals know about.

Once the team for the shoot was put together, locations were secured and costume designs were underway, we hand-selected all the suitable props: ornamental keys, playing cards, thrones, eclectic teapots, rainbow coloured cupcakes, dusty old books, hanging clocks and empty picture frames. Eclectic florals, natural, forest-like and whimsical compositions took centre-stage on the table all laid on flowing moss beautifully arranged.

As the set was carefully put together, Alice and the Mad Hatter were finally ready to enjoy their feast under the fragrant pine trees! We were all mesmerised and only hoped for the White Rabbit to appear. It was magical – see the final selection of decor photos here:


Rosé champagne truffles, dark pink floral arrangements, chestnut colour shades – the autumn wedding season is on!

We kicked off the season with exhibiting at the Hungarian Autumn Wedding Fair held at Hungexpo. The inspiration behind our booth was one of our favourite styles, the true ‘Vintage Budapest’ feeling we all love. We wanted to create a comfortable yet stylish coffee house style environment in which we welcome all the brides and grooms for a free consultation to discuss their dreams and ideas.

We believe that wedding planning is a bespoke and personal interaction between all parties and a cosy yet stylish environment can put everyone at ease. The mouthwatering chocolate bon-bons by Dóri Csiszér & tasty macaroons by Le Petit Pois made almost everyone stop at our booth where we were offering premium Hungarian pezsgő thanks to Törley.

Our bespoke invitations (designed by Zsír Co. and printed by Gravus) were installed on a real topiary tree – the customisable designs attracted those who were looking for the finishing touches for their special day. Funky jazz music was flowing out of the 100 year old gramophone next to the wonderful flower frame designed by Arioso Budapest for those fun photo moments.

On the second day of the expo Viktória Kovács make-up artist from our beauty department transformed brides to be with demo make-up sessions and gave priceless advices on how to prepare for the special day coming up to the wedding. More to come on that front as we launch the Miss Planner Budapest Beauty Department in collaboration with Natasa Kovalik master make-up artist.

For the grooms local handmade tie designs by Kaczian and charming shoes by Vass Cipő were on display. The bespoke thank you boxes by Cinq filles inspired many couples.

Altogether it was a great wedding show with a fantastic buzz which makes visitors and exhibitors want to be there twice a year. As a new local business we look forward to being part of this show as it gets bigger and better each time.



  • Whatever your budget, choose wisely – just because you may not have the largest bank account does not mean you cannot add ‘luxury’ elements to your wedding. Each detail counts, so think about what items will be given the most attention and place your money there. If the guests are staying 15 mins at the ceremony but the next 5hrs is in the dining area, detail to the tables would be the wiser place to spend that little bit more.
  • Enjoy the planning! The planning is part of the wedding day also. Each item you choose, from the cake to the photographer will be how you remember your big day. The people who will work on your wedding are taking part also, so enjoy the tastings, visit every venue and try on every dress possible! You’ll only be doing it once.
  • The perfect venue – an outdoor picnic space or a fairytale castle, whichever it is, let it represent your relationship. If you are both more laid back, the picnic could fit best but if you’re more the ballgown prince and princess, then fairy-tale castle it is!
  • Important Florals – flowers are a luxury. They are not cheap and only last a couple of days but they make all the difference! On your wedding day, there are a few floral elements that we consider important: 1.Wedding bouquet & Grooms Boutonniere (they will be in all the photos!) 2. Witness corsage/boutonniere (they need to stand out from the crowd) 3. Dining Tables (your guests will be looking at their table for a long time – one single flower or a large arrangement, either way it will show you paid attention to the details).
  • Bespoke Invitations – everyone loves to receive a personalised invitation. The more creative the better!
  • Wedding Gift List – it’s more common abroad, however it makes things easier. When you’re a guest, you don’t always know what to buy the couple, so having a list pre-made for you to choose from within your budget, works perfectly. When you’re the couple, starting out your life together, selecting the items you will want to receive will make a big difference.

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