Classic by day, cool by night, the Hungarian capital is an all-time thrill’ – The Sunday Times



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This city is all about old-school elegance, a dream destination for those who believe real romantics always dress the part

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You are the reason why we strive to create the ideal event. From unique venues, innovative décor, live entertainment to quality catering and outstanding audio visual, we can provide you the best of everything with professionalism, imagination and accuracy. We plan unique, stylish and unforgettable events. You imagine….We make it happen!


Our aim is to bring together all the high-end, unique and international quality venues, products and talents in Hungary and showcase them to our clients. We are passionate about the history of Budapest especially the ‘Golden Era’ at the turn of the century where Budapest was one of the main cultural and economical centres of Europe. Combining the past with today’s creative edge and glamour we transform this essence in to a lifestyle through our events.


We are a full service event planning, wedding planning and destination management company including an additional Beauty Department. Our services include the full planning and event design process from location scouting, audio-visual, budget management, florals, catering, entertainment, graphic design and more.

Ours is a personal, bespoke and flexible approach to event planning. Our clients are from all over the world and our service is tailored to their individual needs. We are privileged to work alongside the best companies and venues in the events business who all share our passion, commitment and attention to detail.



Budapest, one of the ‘top 10 cities in the world’, is the perfect location for events, weddings, corporate team building and holiday destination. Straddling the Danube River, with the Buda Hills to the west and the Great Plain to the east, this pearl of the Danube is without question one of the most visually stunning cities you’ll ever visit. Its range of neo-gothic architecture, over 80 thermal hot springs, its distinct cultural quarters and rich history deservedly categorize it as a World Heritage Site. This city is all about old-school elegance, a dream destination for those who believe real romantics always dress the part.

In the midst of a cultural upheaval, Budapest is rapidly becoming the vibrant creative mecca of Central Europe. Its plentiful offering of baroque thermal baths and classically beautiful architecture alongside a bevy of superb yet affordable eateries has long made the Hungarian capital high on the list of European cities worth a visit’ – Cool Hunting

‘World’s most romantic cities: Buenos Aires and Budapest are top places to celebrate your love’ – The NY Daily News

Budapest, Hungary


‘Professional, Client oriented and accurate Event Management’



With over 7 years’ experience in events, Krisztina has fine-tuned the planning process so that every production is executed flawlessly. She is recognized for her unique ability to express a client’s vision in a creative, practical and knowledgeable manner.

Krisztina’s love of the industry began when she worked at Central Europe’s leading entertainment and hospitality group, the Brody House Group. Whilst completing her university studies in PR and Communications and Media, she organised private parties with guest lists sized at 1.000 people all over Budapest’s unique landmark locations.

After an in-house PR and Event Manager position at Brody Studios (Budapest’s first private members arts club) Krisztina was charged with managing the club’s in-house creative events programme and all corporate and private affairs as well as general operations.

With over 100 press events, corporate workshops and private dinner parties on her resumé Krisztina became an expert in all occasions. Having had the chance to locate the best service providers and entertainers during these years Krisztina’s supplier and client list are second to none. Krisztina’s level-headed perfectionist approach and friendly demeanour makes everyone around her stress-free and confident that their event will be a huge success.

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Having worked as Catering & Operations Manager and as an Assistant to Budapest’s master florist, Maxine is no stranger to the event industry. Fluent in three languages, her travels overseas have broadened her perspectives on style and culture.

Having a Hungarian mother, Maxine moved to Hungary at 13. Since then one of her main passions is to research Budapest’s rich and diverse past including stories of famous landmark buildings, gastronomical heritage and inspiring people.

While in Budapest, she learned the importance of hospitality by working for Brody House Group (Central Europe’s leading hospitality and entertainment group) as the private members’ club membership director and event operations manager. Later assisting in developing the business and managing events for Arioso, she also gained detailed knowledge of interior design and innovative décor.

Now, four years in the making, Maxine is known for her keen sense of style and expertise. She loves decor with a personal touch. Above all else, Maxine prides herself in transforming each experience to reflect her clients’ unique personalities, all the while allowing them to be guests at their own affairs.

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You imagine - We make it happen!